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Sandakphu Trek Package

Out of all the adventure activities, trekking is one of the most enjoyed events. If you are looking for going on an adventure trail, trekking is the best option for you as starters. Are you a beginner? The Sandakphu trek package by Mountain Adventure Tour is perfect for those who wish to go for an easy and intermediate track. Leading to the highest peak of Bengal, this trek offers spectacular sights and treat your eyes with some of the breath-taking views of the mighty Himalayan range covered in snow. In addition to the all-exclusive Sandakphu trek itinerary, there are the scenic beauties which is naturally incarnated like the pine meadows and standing oak trees amid the fluorescent panorama of the skies above.

Trekking with Sandakphu Trek Package

The Sandakphu trek route to fill your soul with joy

Know the trek route for sandakphu with trek package

Mountain Adventure Tour presents you with the best Sandakphu trek package with all the inclusions for matching the expectations of an ideal and exciting trekking trip. We are also your local assistants as we help you with the Sandakphu trek guide throughout. Here is a glimpse of the itinerary and a virtual tour of the route.

Start from Darjeeling- You might want to invest a day or two exploring the astonishing beauty of this city. It is the starting point of the trek.

Darjeeling to Rimbick to Timburey- A joyride till Rimbick then you start your hike toward higher altitudes and stop over at Timburey to contemplate the beauty of nature. You can head to Sandakphu next morning.

The Phalut/Moley Trail- Be prepared for an enthralling series of events. Witness the northward ecstasy as you walk towards Phalut. As you continue up the trail, you will reach the Phalut summit which is a trijunction of Sikkim, West Bengal and Nepal.

Downwards towards Samanden- Another day of magnificent mountains and mystic breezes cross your aura as you move downhill to Samanden and pack up for a return of the trek.

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Best Tour Operators for Sandakphu Trek

A trekking tour needs professional supervision and there are factors like safety, permissions and ethics that need to be taken care of. The Sandakphu trek package by us includes all the necessities like accommodation, safety kit, car rental and guides with all the details like Sandakphu trek best time within affordable cost. All the above parameters make us the best Sandakphu trek operators in this region.