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Car Rentals in Darjeeling

Travelling is one of the most relaxing things to do to get away from the regular hustle of our daily lives. However, if we are planning a trip to a new place, we must be well-equipped with comfort and knowledge, it could end up in a stressful experience. Darjeeling is one of the best hill stations in India and a well-planned vacation would make it one of the most memorable trips of your lifetime. Look for the best car rentals in Darjeeling and add comfort and convenience to your trip.

Car Rentals in Darjeeling

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In addition to the amazing natural beauty and astonishing scenic mountains in the Goechala trek in Sikkim, you will witness some of the best hill stations and wonderful tourist spots or places while on the way.

Research reviews

You can find enough information on the web and social media as people are verbal about their experiences and you can find feedbacks and it gives you the perfect idea to analyse.

Do they have what you need?

Every tourist demands different types of services. Starting from spacing a joint trip to solo or couple trip, the car rental must provide all the facilities.

Safety & security

You might place it as a priority. Check all the security and ask about the license and legal paperwork of the drivers serving you as you will be driving around the hills.


The key is to not travel at the cheapest but to ensure all the facilities with a decent and effective package price.

Booking and cancellation policy

Make sure they have a secure booking policy and provide transparent information about cancellation in case of change in plans.

Booking with the best car rental in Darjeeling

Car Rentals in Darjeeling with Mountain Adventure Tours & Travels

Mountain Adventure Tours and Travels are one of the best car rentals in Darjeeling and take pride in assisting your trips with immense comfort and convenience.