Dzongri Trek Package with Mountain adventures

Dzongri Trek Package

Dzongri trekking tour covering magical parts of the western Sikkim. The Dzongri trek package by Mountain Adventure Tour embraces the hilly paradise with endless natural beauty and stunning views of lush greenery that turns into snowy heaven as you travel upwards. With a wide variety of flora and fauna throughout the trail, one can admire the plethora of alpine forest and oak trees along with number of different species ultimately reaching the most picturesque viewpoint at a height of 4030 metres. Travellers take pleasure to plan this mediocre trek with their squad for living the unforgettable moments.

Dzongri Trek Package

Top attractions in the Dzongri Package

Top attractions in the Dzongri Package

Along with majestic and heavenly mountain peaks, the Dzongri trek package unravels some of the must-see tourist places that will lure every traveller to stop for another day. Here are some of the serene plus thrilling places to sightsee that you will come across in the Dzongri trek itinerary.

Pelling- Famous for its panoramic viewpoint, Pelling adds a positive and mystical touch to your journey. Lurk through the heritage and vintage chapters of Sikkim and connect with the royalty.

Yuksom- The trekker’s favourite spot, Yuksom itself is a grand piece of settlement perfectly structured for adventurous paths. Spot the different gardens, pristine rivers and explore the blissful hamlet.

Bakhim- Known as the natural garden, this destination is one of the hidden treasures of the state. It is outlined by dense mixed forests of magnolia, rhododendron, orchids, and ferns. Prek Chu River flows nearby.

Tsokha- The cute village or hamlet nestled on the uphill and the point from where you can start spotting the peaks of the final trek destination.

Dzongri- The place of aesthetic views, Dzongri offers multiple treats altogether as one. You will get spectacular views of Khangchendzonga, Siniolchu, Kabru, Pandim, Jopuno, Koktang, Talung and Narsing.

Best time to go on the Dzongri trek

Sikkim is one of the best hill stations

Blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year, Sikkim is one of the best hill stations. If you are planning to take the Dzongri trek, then the mild summers and autumn are the best months to take it. To be specific, from March to mid-June or the months of mid-September to November. You must avoid travelling in monsoons as you might face a little inconvenience while hiking.

Choosing the best tour operators for the trekking

trek Operatorsfor  Dzongri trek

Mountain Adventure Tours happily assists you with every detail and inclusion with the best Dzongri trek package. It includes fooding, sleeping tent, trekking kit and essential supplies along with accommodation, travelling and trek guide in the entire Dzongri trek route. If you are looking forward for a soul satisfying trip, you must take reach us, the best Dzongri trek operators and we will fill you with all the details like cost, conveyance and Dzongri trek best time to travel.