Useful Information About Dzongri Trek

Useful Information About Dzongri Trek


Dzongri trek package is one of the most exciting packages that you can find in order to explore the Eastern Himalayas. Dzongri is a beautiful point where you can enjoy the surreal views of Sikkim and Darjeeling. Because of its vast display of natural exploits, the trek package is highly advertised by numerous tour operators so that many travelers can come and enjoy this memorable trip.

     This article provides all the valuable information that is associated with the Dzongri trek so that you can properly decide on the trip along with it there is a short description of where you can get the best Dzongri trek package.

Table of Content: 

1. How can you properly reach Dzongri?

2. What is the best time to visit Dzongri?

3. Is the Dzongri trek is safe for beginners?

4. Mountain adventure

5. Conclusion

How can you properly reach Dzongri?

First of all, you have Bagdogra (Airport) or The New Jalpaiguri Station through different routes depending on your location. After that, you need to hire a car to travel to Yuksom which is approximately 160 km and generally takes 8/9 hours at least. After reaching Yuksom you will have series of treks until you reach Dzongri. You will pass through sequential regions such as Sachen, Tsokha, and Phedang which would be a total of at least 21km and a total time-lapse of at least 11-13 hours.

Then you will reach the Dzongri point through Deorali Top which will be more than 6km and 3-4 hours from the previous location. After reaching Dzongri you can witness the beautiful sunrise and also have breakfast and lunch. You must visit the Laxmi Pokhri before the round trip. The whole trip is completed in 10 days.

What is the best time to visit Dzongri?

There are two best times to visit Dzongri. These are April/May and the other one being October to February.


April and May constitute the springtime and is a lovely opportunity for travelers to witness beautiful vegetation blooming with fresh flowers. The Rhododendron and the Giant Magnolia are the two main attractions that you can find here during your trek.


This time is perfect for viewing the mountain ranges as there are very few clouds and the sky is crystal clear.  Particularly November is the best time to enjoy the cloud viewing experience. Because of the higher altitude, you can even observe snowfall in the months of January and December.

Is the Dzongri trek is safe for beginners?

Dzongri trek is not that much of a stressful trek but one must be physically and mentally fit with no medical issues along with few months of training. Apart from these you will be equipped with protected gear and would be accompanied by experienced personnel.

Mountain Adventure

We are a highly recognized company in the tourism industry and the Dzongri trek package is one of our specialties. In this package, we provide our customers with all the services and facilities in a systemic order so that they can enjoy the trip with full satisfaction.


Dzongri is a great place to explore nature but can only be well experienced with a proper tour agency.

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