Sandakphu Trek Route For All The Trekkers

Sandakphu Trek Route For All The Trekkers


The golden sunrise, the panoramic view of the mountains and the lush greens all over makes Sandakphu a wonderland for trekkers. Located at a staggering height of 11,929 ft, it is the highest point of the Singalila range as well as West Bengal.  It is famous for its view that showcases 4 of the 5 highest peaks of the world. It is also one of the most romantic trails as Rhododendrons in full bloom line up your journey to the top. There are many Sandakphu trek packages that may pique your interest.

Table of contents:

  1. Maneybhanjyang to Tonglu
  2. Tonglu to Kalipokhari
  3. Kalipokhari to Sandakphu

Maneybhanjyang to Tonglu

The trekking trail from Maneybhanjyang goes through the forests and the lovely flowering trees and merges with the main road in some places. The trail takes many forms along the way, sometimes it is a muddy gravel road, in some areas it goes through an open meadows and some areas are a steep stony stairway. The first village you come across on this road is Chitrey which is 3 km away.

This part of the trek is really steep. The next village you get to 3 km further is Lameydhura, a hamlet inhibited by only five Tibetan families. Another 3 km takes you to Meghma, and 2km away from Meghma is Tonglu which is where you will halt for the night. The total trek route is of 11kms and takes 6-7 hours.

Tonglu to Kalipokhari

Day 2 will start from Tonglu and you will continue on to Tumling, 2km away. About 1 km further from tumbling is the arched gateway of the Singalila National Park, the highest National Park in West Bengal. Jaubari is 6km away from Tumling and another 3 km away is Gairibas. During the Spring the trail from Gairibas is littered with Rhododendrons in full bloom. Kalipokhari, your stop for the night, is another 6km away. The total trek is about 15km and takes 6-7 hours.

Kalipokhari to Sandakphu

You should start this trek very early if you want to witness the famous golden sunrise.  The first village you will see on the way is Bikey bhanjyang which is 2 km away from Kalipokhari. You finally reach Sandakphu after another 4 km. As the best fruits are at the top of the tree, the trail from Kalipokhari to Sandakphu is the steepest. It takes a total of 3 hours of trekking on Day 3.

Regardless of the difficulties you may face on the way and how hard the climb is, the stunning and magnificent view makes it all worth it.

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