Queen Of Hills- Beyond A Cup Of Tea

Queen Of Hills- Beyond A Cup Of Tea


We are often thrilled by the magnificence of the mountains and develop desires to visit it one day. This article is mainly dedicated to such a region in India. The region I am talking about is the northern region of the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling. Darjeeling is quite an extraordinary place that is bound by the beauty of the mountains and its world-famous tea. But the main focus of the article will be the tour operators in Darjeeling and their contributions to promoting tourism in the region.

Table of Contents:

  1. What do the tour operators in Darjeeling Offer?
  2. What should be considered before hiring a tour operator in Darjeeling?
  3. Mountain Adventure
  4. Conclusion

What do the tour operators in Darjeeling offer?

The tour operators in Darjeeling are often credited for the promotion of tourism in the region. They are the sole cause for the growth of revenue in the region. There is a wide spectrum of things that a tour operator provides according to the customer's budget and affordability.

These things are classified into normal family tours and adventure packs

Normal Package

1.   Mountain Biking

2.   Trekking

3.    Hiking

4.    Wildlife Tours

5.   Expedition

Adventure Package

1.   River Rafting

2.   Paragliding

What should be considered before hiring a tour operator in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling is a tourist-centric place that has numerous tour operators. As the numbers are high so the competition is very brutal among the operators and everyone tries to exercise their best to attract the customers. But as a traveler, it is important to know quite a few things before booking any operator. These things are-

Packages they provide

As soon as you land in Darjeeling you are bound to get crowded with tour guides. But you will also receive pamphlets that will showcase all their packages and you can easily choose from it. You can also research for hotels or operators who can provide all your requirements.


You should vouch for the most experienced operating company to ensure a safe and happy journey. Apart from this, you can search for their past record and clientele.


It is extremely personal and differs with respective individuals. But the main point here is to not go beyond budget or to get conned. You must search for an affordable operator service.

Mountain Adventure

All the above-mentioned points can be easily summed up for this company. They are one of the best tour operators in Darjeeling. The company boasts a strong clientele of tourists from different countries who have been satisfied by the overwhelming service.  The company also provides its service not only in India but also in the neighboring countries too.


 Tourism plays a very vital role in the development of the region that lacks hardcore industries and the importance of the tour operators cannot be denied as they are the focal point of this industry.

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