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EXTREME TREK - Dolpo Trek is a unique, famous and amazing trek and often known as the hidden valley trek. It is located in the Dolpo region in the mid-western Nepal. Best time to travel - September to May.

DAY 1: Arrival

Embarking on our journey begins from Kathmandu, the city with the remarkable architecture dated back to 16th Century. Our team representative will welcome you at the Tribhuwan International Airport and escort you to your designated hotel. Our representative will help you to check in to the hotel. You will be welcomed, facilitated and served with a beautiful hotel room. The first arrival day is entirely a break day. In the evening, you can walk around nearby touristic hubs like Thamel and Basantapur Durbar square.

DAY 2: Explore Kathmandu

Kathmandu valley is the historical and cultural heart of Nepal and has been a popular destination for tourists ever since Nepal opened its doors to visitors. The valley offers a wonderful mix of Hinduism and Buddhism. After breakfast we visit UNESCO world heritage sites as one of the largest Hindu temple Pashupatinath Temple, Bouddha Stupa and Swayambhunath Stupa followed by another UNESCO world heritage sites, Kathmandu Durbar Square.Overnight stay at hotel.

DAY 3: Fly to Nepalganj | 45mins

Free time until your flight to Nepalgunj for you trek preparation. Afternoon we take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalganj that takes approximately 45 minutes. The journey is best described by the scenic views of lush jungles and great Himalayan ranges of Nepal. On arrival at Nepalgunj, our representative will pick you up and transfer to the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 4: Fly to Juphal (Dolpo) [2320m] | 45mins | Trek to Dunai [2850m] | 2-3hrs

After breakfast we take another flight to Juphal, which takes about 45 minutes over the high mountains amidst the views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri peaks to the north. The trek begins through the terraced fields to the Bheri River and the narrow gorge and upon walking for 2- 3 hours, we reach Dunai which is the administrative headquarter of the Dolpo region. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 5: Dunai to Ankhe [2896m] | Descending to the village water supply | 5-6hrs

From Dunai, the trail follows the path to Ankhe. We pass through King Mahendra’s statue and a hospital. The trek then continues through the lower part of Rahagaon and descends to the village water supply at the Phoksundokhola. Passing through another canyon, the path heads downhill through deep dark forests to a large stream, finally emerging at the entrance to the SheyPhoksundo National Park at Ankhe. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 6: Ankhe to Sulighat [3104m] | It’s hard to imagine how the local people bring their yaks and cows along this trail, but they do | 7hrs

Leaving Ankhe, the path leads to small ups and downs along the forested riverbed, grassy land, and several streams along the way. After reaching the river at 2,950m, the trail becomes a collection of rocks and sticks that form a dyke along the river bank. It’s hard to imagine how the local people bring their yaks and cows along this trail, but they do. Journey then makes headway upstream to a bridge near Ryajik village. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 7: Sulighat to Phoksundo Lake [3600m] | Amazing blue lake on the top | 6-7hrs

Today the journey continues along the valley floor to the confluence of Phoksundo and PungmoKholas. After crossing the western side of the PhoksundoKhola on a wooden bridge, the path follows the western bank of the PungmoKhola, which leads all the way to Phoksundo Lake near Ringmo village. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 8: Acclimatization Day [3600m] | An alpine fresh water Oligotrophic lake

Today is our comple rest day and we spend the entire day taking complete rest, planning for forthcoming trips and getting habituated to the trekking destinations. However, we can also hike around the SheyPhoksundo Lake, Tibetan monasteries and Ringmo. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 9: Phoksundo Lake to Phoksundo Khola [3507m] | The adventure continues skirting the shore of the lake | 6hrs

From Phoksundo, the adventure continues skirting the shore of the lake as it contours on a rocky ledge along the western bank. At the westernmost edge of the lake, the path leads through a lush meadow that opens up into the flooded plain of the PhoksundoKhola. Then the walk leads through the valley, crossing the river and avoiding the occasional boggy marsh underfoot and then reaching the bank of the river. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 10: Phoksundo Khola to Phoksundo Bhanjyang [4402m] | Clambering over the rocks and boulders and to ford a stream that rushes down the steep valley | 6-7hrs

From PhoksundoKhola, today we head towards Phoksundo Bhanjyang, which passes through a glacial valley. There is no trail as such. Hence, it is necessary to clamber over the rocks and boulders and to ford a stream that rushes down the steep valley. A long climb brings us to a sheep meadow where the trail veers up a steep ravine. A hard climb to the top brings us to yet another valley from where we can see the Kang-La pass which leads us towards SheyGompa. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 11: Phoksundo Bhanjyang to Shey Gompa [4500m] via Kang-La Pass [5360m] | Excellent views of a large valley bisected by a gushing river | 5-6hrs

Today we follow the path that leads up to a steep climb littered with slate towards the pass. The climb is quite strenuous, especially on the slate screed. From the top of Kang-la (5,360 m), excellent views of a large valley bisected by a gushing river can be witnessed. A red chorten heralds our arrival at SheyGompa (4,500 m), where a quaint wooden log bridge further leads our destination to SheyGompa. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 12: Acclimatization Day [4500m] | Spiritual center for Tibetan Lamas

Today is another rest day and we spendyour entire day taking complete rest, planning for forthcoming trips and getting habituated to our trekking destinations. If we wish, we can hike around Shey monastery; Tsakang, which had been a meditation centre for many famous lamas from Tibet and SheyGompa belonging to the Chaiba community, which is famous for its ancient pre-Buddhist culture called Bon Po. In Dolpo, the ancient Tibetan way of life combines animism with the teaching of Buddha. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 13: Shey Gompa to Namduna Gaun [4800m] via Saldang La [5200m] | Grazing yaks and sheep, and nomadic tents made from yak hair | 6-7hrs

After having breakfast at the camp, we move ahead towards Namduna. On the way we come across several villages and forests. We descend towards the north which is long and exhausting but grazing yaks and sheep, and nomadic tents made from yak hair provide us some relief for our painful legs. We visit Namgung monastery in Namuda Gaun. The red stone monstery is built against the backdrop of a cliff on the north wall of a gorge. After some hours of walking, we reach our last destination for the day at Namduna. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 14: Namduna Gaun to Saldang [3620m] | Saldang belongs to an arid zone of the Trans Himalayan Tibetan plateau | 4-5hrs

Upon leaving Namduna, our route leads to a climb of a scary slope. Furthermore, it begins a long traverse along some dusty barren mountains. After couple of hours of hard climb, Saldang (3,620m) appears below a plateau high above the Nam Khongmala. It has a picturesque appearance. Saldang is the largest village of the inner Dolpo area. Though the village lies at about the same altitude as Ringmo, which is totally different from Ringmo. Ringmo is a Himalayan village situated below the tree line whereas Saldang belongs to an arid zone of the Trans-Himalayan Tibetan plateau. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 15: Saldang to Yangze Gompa [4960m] | Fairly gradual path with few ups and downs|4-5hrs

From Saldang, our journey diverts further far north to the least unexplored area by westerners or by any other commercial adventure trekking companies. The trail follows the Nang Chu River in most of the way on this wild barren windswept terrain. Walk begins along the fairly gradual path with few ups and downs on a slope and then passes through the small settlement of Tiling and Lurigaon until we reach Yangze Gompa. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 16: Yangze Gompa to Sibu [4560m] | The path towards Saldang village | 6-7hrs

From Yangze there are two trails that connect Sibu. One that heads to the west through a very remote village of Nishalgaon whereas another through Shimengaon and is a long way. To save time and energy we retrace the other path towards Saldang village, which is much easier and shorter than the northwestern route. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 17: Sibu to Jeng-La Phedi [4900m] | Coming across caravan of laden yaks on their way to Tibet border | 5-6hrs

The trek continues following the Nam KhongKhola for a while in the morning walk coming across caravan of laden yaks that are on their way towards Tibet border. After days of following the same river, we drift towards eastern side until we arrive at the confluence of two small tributaries. From here our walk leads us to a steep climb to the bottom of Jeng La, where we camp for the day. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 18: Jeng-La Phedi to Tokyu Gaon [4209m] via Jeng La Pass [5090m] | Dhaulagiri massif shines beautifully in the morning light | 5-6hrs

Leaving Jeng La Phedi, the trek leads to couple of hours of climbing towards the top of the Jeng La. On the way we can get excellent view of snow ranges emerging from the south. The northern face of Dhaulagiri massif shines beautifully in the morning light. After a experiencing a wonderful moment here at the pass, our walk descends on the rough path towards Tarap valley. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 19: Tokyu Gaon to Dho Tarap [4040m] | Bon Po and Chaiba sects reside together in harmony | 4-5hrs

Today, the route heads eastward along the downhill course of Tarap Chu in a plain valley with patches of lush verdant grass on both sides of the river, which is completely different from other parts of inner Dolpo. There is also a marsh which is a common feature seen in the Desert Mountains of Tibet and the Ladakh Himalaya. In this valley both Bon Po and Chaiba sects reside together in harmony. After a short trek on this beautiful valley, we reach DhoTarap. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 20: Acclimatization Day [4040m] | Exploring the life styles of local communities of Dolpo

Today is another rest day after continuous walk for several days. We spend our entire day taking complete rest, planning for forthcoming trips and getting habituated to our trekking destinations. If we want, we can hike around local areas. During the visit we have an opportunity to explore the life styles of local communities of Dolpo. The villagers are both Bon Po and Buddhist of Nyingmapa sect. In addition, there is a Buddhist gompa near to the campsite and the Bon Gompa is further 40 minutes’ walk. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 21: Dho Tarap to Tarap Khola (Kamakharka) [3800m] | We can witness herds of blue sheep | 6- 7hrs

Today is quite a long and moderate walk. We descend towards a wide valley which narrows into a gorge. We walk along juniper and wild rose bushes just above the tree line. En route, we can witness herds of blue sheep. After hours of walk we reach the confluence of the Tarap Chu and the Lang Khola, a stream that joins with Tarap River from further east. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 22: Tarap Khola to Khanigaon [3150m] | People taking their herds to lower pastures | 4-5hrs

The trek continues down the gorge of the Tarap River, rising high above on a trail built from the steep slopes. We might come across people from Dolpo taking their herds to lower pastures for the winter. There are many possible campsites by the river. At some places, the bridges are either damaged or washed away and we may be forced to cross the icy torrent on foot. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 23: Khanigaon to Tarakot [2537m] | An old fortress town | 4-5hrs

Today our path follows an indistinct trail to the village of Lalberi. Then passing through an area of impressive forest, before descending into another gorge, our trek continues following the downstream river downstream to reach Tarakot where colorful terraced fields greet us. Tarakot is an old fortress town locally known as Dzong. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 24: Tarakot to Dunai [2140m] | Experiencing local brew | 5-6hrs

The journey makes headway beside the Bheri River in a tremendous gorge with pine trees and an ingenious path built about seven meters above the river. Upon reaching Dunai after completing the circuit, we have time for celebration, particularly with bottled beers that are available in Dunai or else we can try the local brew. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 25: Dunai to Juphal [2320m] | Temple on the way | Giving final rest to our tired legs |2-3hrs

Today we trek up to Juphal. Dhupichau, Rupgad village and a temple come to our way. We walk along the Bheri River to reach Juphal – the small airstrip where our memorable walk comes to an end. Overnight stay at tea house lodge/ camp.

DAY 26: Fly to Kathmandu [1345m] | [45mins] via Nepalganj [45mins] | Experiencing the amazing landscapes | Celebrations for accomplishment

We take two flights. Firstly, to Nepalgunj and we take another flight to Kathmandu. The entire day in the capital is free for some shopping and relaxation. Evening farewell dinner will be organized at Nepali restaurant with Nepali cultural dance program. Overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

DAY 27: Departure

This is the last day of your visit. You can enjoy shopping and buying souvenir to friends and relatives. We will drop you to the airport 3hrs prior to the departure time.


  • Meet & airport transfer.
  • Full day Kathmandu Sightseeing other required transfer services.
  • Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – Juphal/Dolpo Roundtrip airfare (subject to change).
  • Twin sharing accommodation in 3-Star standard accommodation in BB basis: 3 nights at Kathmandu & 1 nights at Nepalgunj.
  • Twin sharing tourist standard Tea house accommodation during the trek on full board basis.
  • Tour Escort at Kathmandu & professional trekking guide during the trek.
  • Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – Juphal/Dolpo Roundtrip airfare for the accompanying trekking guide.
  • All kind of Permits & entry fees as per itinerary: National Park, TIMS, Restricted area permit & monument fees.
  • Porters on 2: 1 basis and supporting staff for the group of 1:10 pax basis only.
  • Trekking equipment’s as stick, down (feather) jacket, sleeping bag, duffel bag, porter and first aid kit set & basic equipment.
  • Insurance of porters and guide.
  • Farewell dinner with special souvenir from Nepal.


  • Any kind of airfare: international or domestic airfare.
  • Meals other than mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Any items and services not mentioned in inclusions.
  • Nepal visa fees (US$ 50 Single Entry Visa valid for first 30 days payable in cash at immigration and requires a recent photograph).
  • Items of personal nature such as bar bills, alcoholic beverages, laundry, telephone calls, extra mileage, personal gratuities as tips to the staffs at hotel, guide, driver, porter etc.
  • Personal insurance policy – suggested a comprehensive travel insurance covering tour and flight cancellations, loss of valuables, thefts, illness, accidents and hospitalization.
  • Expenses incurred by re-routing, inclement weather, floods, famine, political disruptions, strikes, riots and other disturbances.
  • Emergency evacuation charges [ Helicopter rescue].
  • Horse / Pony ride.
  • Photography charges in the monasteries and monument.


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