Kurseong - Hill Town of Orchids

Kurseong, a town in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, is widely known as the ‘land of white orchid’. The pleasant atmosphere of this town is very much favoured to the tourists. The alpine forests along the hills have dragged many tourists towards Kurseong. Down below the Siliguri region looks beautiful from this hill town with enormous natural beauty with waterfalls, lush green jungle, and enjoyable tourist spots etc.

Places to visit in Kurseong

Tea Estates

Darjeeling used to have over 100 tea-gardens once, but today only around 87 of them are operational, covering an area of 46,950 acres. Over 50,000 workers serve in the plantation and factories of these tea estates. Tea has been a very important part of making a great reputation of Darjeeling because of the world famous aromatic tea which is cultivated here.

Eagle Craig Viewpoint

Eagle Craig Viewpoint A viewpoint named Eagle Craig is located near the town on a cliff. Visitors come here to get a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, mountains, rocky terrain and slopes, valleys, jungle etc. The town of Siliguri looks amazing like a dotted line and sparkles at the night.

Ambootia Temple

Ambootia Temple Within the Ambootia Tea Estate, there is a Hindu temple for Lord Shiva. The idol is actually an old dead trunk of a tree. People believe that this is a wish fulfilling temple and hence many worship Lord Shiva here for blessings.

Giddapahar Seti Mata Temple

Giddapahar Seti Mata Temple The temple of Seti Mata is dedicated to Goddess Durga and very sacred to the Hindus. It is located on a carved out point of an ancient road. The place is also used as a viewpoint and the scenario from here is just marvellous.

Makaibari Tea Estate

Makaibari Tea Estate One of the most popular and famous tea estates of this region is Makaibari Tea Estate. It is also one of the oldest of all tea gardens in Darjeeling. Makaibari Tea Estate is the first in the world to be certified by ‘Fare Trade’, and known as one of the finest tea production in the country.