Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh – Furthest East of India

There are times you are left to wonder if nature has been more kind to some parts of the earth. The world has many places that offer you great experiences, breathtaking moments and amazing views. Some tourist spots have beautiful mountains and stunning valleys; some are deserts but still have a great deal to offer. Each is beautiful in its own way and every place is unique for what it has to offer. While nature plays its game at its will on various locations, mankind had been playing its own game. Certain places are rich with manmade monuments and arts, while some have nothing special to boast of in terms of human being’s contribution. Very few places have the best of everything and Arunachal Pradesh is one such place. The state is rich with picturesque beauty that offers relaxation and rejuvenation. The place offers you peace and action. Places of worship or wild life sanctuaries, you name it; the state has it. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh which you cannot afford to miss.

Places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh


Tawang With Tibet to its north, Bhutan to its southwest and Sela range of West Kameng to its east, Tawang captivates you with its scenic beauty. It is located 10000 feet above Mean Sea Level. Tawang has beautiful lakes around it and you will love the view offered by the place. The 400-year-old Tawang monastery is not only one among the oldest but it is named one among the largest Indian monasteries.


Roing Roing is one of the most important tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located in Lower Dibang Valley. The picturesque beauty of the place attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Nature lovers, archeologists and adventure seekers will find the place engaging, educative and interesting. The place has many lakes and waterfalls and here you will find yourself at peace. A perfect place if you want to be in solitude.


Itanagar Your tour of Arunachal Pradesh is not complete without visiting Itanagar, the state capital. Itanagar has various attractions to offer which include Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Ita Fort, The State Museum, Ganga Lake, Polo Park and a lot more. Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary is a sprawling sanctuary that houses various species including langur, antelopes, Himalayan black bear, porcupines, goral and many more. The bird species exceed 400 in number and hence this place is great for birdwatching. Ita Fort is an ancient monument belonging to the 14th and 15th centuries. The gallery in State Museum has great collections that speak of the rich heritage of the tribes in the state. Ganga Lake offers scenic views with the green forest and orchids around. Polo Park is a botanical garden and it soothes your mind.


Bomdila Bomdila is a perfect place if you are aiming to have a stunning view of snow clad Himalayan mountain ranges. It is situated 8000 feet above the sea level. The cool climate is enjoyable and so are the apple orchards and the beautiful surroundings. You could find a centre for crafts where local crafts are on display and a shopping centre.


Ziro Ziro is famously known as Apatani Plateau. Declared as a World Heritage Site, Ziro offers some of the best attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. While you are here, ensure that you visit Talley Valley, fish farm and Wild Life Sanctuary. Pine Bamboo groves found here looks enchanting.


Bhalukpong Looking around the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh and lost in its tranquility, if you seek a change, this is where you need to be. Bhalukpong keeps your body and mind engaged. The options are many if you seek adventure. You could go hiking, trekking and river rafting. The hills that surround Bhalukpong offer you great opportunity to go trekking. Once you are here, do visit The Kaziranga National Park and Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary.


Pasighat Named the gateway to Arunachal Pradesh, this is the oldest town of the state. It is located on the banks of Siang River and it is 155 meters above the sea level. The place is blessed with the kindness of nature and you will find mind-blowing views. The majestic river Brahmaputra flows to this place from Tibet. Pangin and Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary are two top attractions here.

Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park You will experience the rush of adrenaline while you are here. The park is covers varying altitudes from 200 meters to more than 4500 meters. Hence, you will find it beautiful, interesting and challenging. A number of wild animals are found here. Situated in the district of Changlang, this place offers thrilling moments.


Anini Anini is one of the most enticing places in Arunachal Pradesh. Although the history of the place is a bit clouded, it is said to have housed the Idu Mishimi who migrated from Tibet around the 1st millennium BC. The Town is located atop a Plateau between two tributaries of the mighty Brahmaputra River. Due to its high elevation above sea level, the town enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year and is a great place to visit with several natural and manmade tourist attractions making Anini a perfect location for mental relaxation.


Along Along is a place to be if you come along to Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated near Assam’s border. The valley is picturesque surrounded by mountains with rivers flowing through them. The place has various attractions. Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, which is situated here, houses wild species such as elephants and deer. The Hanging Bridge on River Siang is made of cane and bamboo. You could go river rafting and trekking if you are keen to have some activity to challenge your physical ability.


Dirang A tour to a place away from home is the time you regain your original self from the mechanical self that your hectic schedule had forced on you. While breaking away from routine could give you a great breather, a perfect destination could bring the best out of you on your holiday. Dirang is one such location that helps you enjoy, rediscover yourself and be inspired. Located in West Kameng district, this small hill station welcomes you with snow-capped mountains, gushing streams and lush greenery. Dirang is a perfect environment where you will feel at home away from home. With the spectacular landscape pleasing your eyes and the pleasant weather comforting your body and soul, you could not expect a better place to stay on a holiday. The 5 places to visit in Dirang is a bonus for your stay at Dirang. Settle back and have a great time amidst scenic hills, roaring rivers and rich greenery everywhere around you.

National Research Centre on Yak

National Research Centre on Yak The National Research Centre on Yak is located amidst the Eastern Himalayan ranges. Founded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, the center is responsible for conserving Indian Yak. The yak firm belonging to this centre is located 31 km away from Dirang. Researches on genetic resources and problems associated with yak production are conducted here. Improving yak and yak products are part of an agenda of the centre. National Research Centre on Yak is open for tourists’ visits on permission.

Dirang Dzong

Dirang Dzong Dirang Dzong, which is a tribal area, is on the shores of Dirang River. The architecture of the tribal colony is stunning. Some of the houses are over 500 years old. The houses were built to sustain the hostile weather in the region. The foundation of these houses is of stone and the walls and roof are built of wood. Dzong, as the fort is referred to comprise this settlement and it inspires you with its architecture, which is an influence of Buddhist kingdoms. Though the fort is now in ruins, the ruins are proof of architectural excellence of the olden days. Views from Dirang Dzong are spectacular.

Hot Water Spring

Hot Water Springs Hot Water Spring is yet another favorite spot for tourists. Flowing from nearby hills, the Hot Water Spring falls into River Dirang. Rich in sulphur content and praised for its curative powers, Hot Water Spring attracts people in great numbers. The bath is particularly refreshing when you visit this place in winter.

Sangti Valley

Sangti Valley Sangti Valley is situated 7 km away from Dirang. The location of Sangti Valley is beyond description. It is surrounded by Eastern Himalayan ranges and you will find this area rich in dense forests and rivers. Black-necked cranes migrate to this valley from China during the months of November and December and after the winter months are over, they set back to their homes during April and May. These birds are referred to as tung tung ka uk by the people of Sangti Valley.

Kalachakra Gompa

Kalachakra Gompa Kalachakra Gompa, which refers to a monastery, is located above Kalachakra, a village in Dirang. This monastery is over 500 years old. It is frequented by those who follow Buddhism as well as others who love the serene atmosphere.

Other attractions in Dirang include Regional Apple Nursery, Progeny Orchard and Kiwi Farms. If you travel further while on your stay at Dirang, you may visit Bomdila, which is a famous tourist destination. Tourist places in Dirang are not only picturesque but it also offers scope for trekking and bird watching. You would enjoy your stay at Dirang gaining a grasp of nature and its ways.


Tezu Some places on earth make you forget the need to stay updated with the current world. These could be those amazingly beautiful places thanks to nature’s kindness or they could be places with a great history thanks to early inhabitants who lived, flourished and left permanent marks for the future world to see. Or these places could have the best of both the elements to mesmerize you to ignore the needs to stay connected with the internet world and updated technologies. They could take you much behind in time to enjoy the essence of a rich past and let your imagination go wild; or they could take you into the wilderness to be spellbound by the limitless beauties of nature. Or, they could offer you both as Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh does.

Tezu, a small town that boasts of beautiful rivers and valleys, is located in Lohit district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Mishmi tribes are the early inhabitants of this land and their history dates back to the period of the epic Mahabharata. Many other ancient tribes live here and Tezu is vibrant with the traditions followed by all these tribes. There are many places to visit in Tezu, including picturesque lakes, religious sites and wildlife sanctuary. Here are the leading 10 attractions in Tezu, which would make your tour of Tezu complete.


Dong Situated at the confluence of Sati and Lohit rivers, the scenic Dong valley, which is the easternmost village of India, is the first to receive the rising sun’s rays every morning. At an altitude of 1240 metres, the location of Dong is strategic being on the tri-junction of three countries namely, India, Myanmar and China. You would love the spectacular views Dong has to offer after a wonderful trekking.

Glow Lake

Glow Lake Glow Lake is set in a picturesque landscape with snow-capped mountains on the backdrop and lush greenery around. Situated in Wakro circle, Glow Lake is at an altitude of 5000 feet above sea level covering 8 sq. kms. area. With lack of proper road facilities, the path leading to the lake offers scope for adventurous trekking.

Parasuram Kunda

Parasuram Kund Situated on Brahmaputra River banks, Parasuram Kunda attracts visitors for its religious significance and stunning landscape. Surrounded by majestic mountains, Parasuram Kunda has been referred to in ancient literature. The place is frequented from all parts of India during Makar Sankranti day and it is believed that taking a dip in the waters here would wash of one’s sins. A temple dedicated to Lord Parasuram is situated here.


Chaglagam Chaglogam is a scenic location to the left side of Dalai River. Situated at a distance of 170 km from Tezu, the place attracts tourists in great numbers. A wonderful location to make nature lovers spell bound, Chaglogam offers scope for various adventurous sports such as trekking, angling and rafting. amously referred to as a place full of bamboos, Walong is situated 200 km from Tezu and it is situated at 1094 m above sea level. Namti Valley in Walong is a great tourist destination. Walong gains more importance, as the place was where Indian soldiers gallantly fought Chinese forces that invaded India in the year 1962.

Tezu District Museum and Craft Center

Tezu District Museum and Craft Center Some of the best art collections that reflect the culture of the tribes are seen in Tezu District Museum and Craft Center, which was established in the year 1956. Some of the rare collections include paintings and manuscripts along with weapons, costumes and ornaments used by the tribes. Cane crafts and handloom crafts are also seen here. The aim behind establishing the museum is to create an awareness of the cultures of tribes here.

Hawa Camp

Hawa Camp Hawa Camp is a natural halt for nature lovers. Situated 33 km away from Tezu, Hawa Camp offers mind-blowing views of Lohit Valley. Tourists frequent this place to watch spectacular views of sunrise and sunset.

D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary

DEring-Memorial-Wildlife-Sanctuary D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, established in the year 1976 was earlier called as Lali Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread across an area of 190 km2, the sanctuary houses various wild species including tiger, elephant, hog deer and wild pig. Sambar deer is its specialty. Including endangered birds there are more than 150 species of birds in the sanctuary. Nearly 80% of the sanctuary has floodplain grasslands.

Tezu Botanical Garden

Tezu-Botanical-Garden Tezu Botanical Garden covers a sprawling 23 hectares of land and is home to a wide range of plants including some rare species. Different methods to cultivate and conserve plants are educated upon in the botanical garden.

Tezu Park

Tezu-Park Tezu Park could be a perfect place for a leisurely walk in the evening. It is a great place to spend time with the family as the park has various amusement rides to keep the children engaged.

If you hope to have a relaxed holiday that would make you admire and enjoy nature in its wildest forms, you are sure to see that tourist places in Tezu fulfils your expectations beyond question. Have a great time and feel a part of the world that has unspoiled beauty to highlight the uniqueness of nature.


Khonsa Being on the eastern most tip of India,Khonsa, the beautiful hill station, receives the first rays of the sun in the morning in this part of the world. Not only does sun showers its first rays on the land, various forms of nature too seem to enjoy being present in Khonsa. This town in Tirap Valley is surrounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges; streams, deep gorges, dense forests and snow-clad hills add to the spectacular beauty of the place. Khonsa is a great place for trekking. The culture of the land is colorful too. Apart from the tribes to whom the place is native, Khonsa has warmly embraced people from neighboring states and hence it has a diverse culture. If you tour Khonsa, you will be content to stay put in the place exploring the beauty of the hill station. To get a feel of the land and the nearby tourist destinations, visit the following 5 places to visit in and around Khonsa.

Khonsa Museum

Khonsa-Museum Khonsa Museum gives you an insight into the culture and lifestyle of the people of Khonsa. Traditional artefacts reflect the tribal lifestyle. Swords and other weapons are on display here. Apart from that, the museum houses handlooms and artefacts collections that represent the culture of various parts of India. Different types of cane and bamboo works can be seen here.

District Museum

District Museum District Museum was established in the year 1956. Artefacts representing the tribes of the land are on display here. The museum remains open from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Kheti and Lajo Village

Kheti and Lajo Village Kheti and Lajo are two villages in Khonsa that symbolize the culture and traditions of the bygone era. The dormitories of these villages present for view human skulls that were collected from headhunting days. It reflects the past and leads simple life content with having the basic needs fulfilled.


Miao Yet another tourist destination around Khonsa is Miao, which is located 154 km away from Khonsa. Miao is the gateway to the renowned Namdapha National Park. The scenic Miao has a museum and a mini zoo. While you are here, you could visit Tibetan refugees’ settlement camp where you could find some of the best woolen carpets woven in beautiful colors and designs.

If the aim of your tour is to unwind and explore nature, you will find Khonsa a perfect holiday destination. The place does not have many attractions in the form of tourist spots but the place has every attraction that a nature lover would seek. If you are looking to feast your eyes with spectacular views, you will love every morning you wake up in this part of the world. Khonsa offers a serene atmosphere and makes you feel oneness with nature in the most perfect way.